The Handover Book – a unique and simple communication book for separated families.

Children can find the conflict between their separated parents very distressing.  Ashley Palmer and Leigh Moriarty have designed The Handover Book so that the likelihood of disagreements between parents, now that they are not living together, will be much less likely.  

Using this book helps both parents to always be aware of what is happening in their busy children’s lives as they go from one household to another. It’s a way of communicating the important things, whilst keeping the parental relationship friendly and calm.

There is a section in this book for the children to fill out and both parents are encouraged to help them with it. This will make it easier for the children to share their experiences, achievements and also any worries that they might have.


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The Best Way To Divorce FREE Infographic – and how Mediation and dispute resolution can keep even DIY divorces out of court:

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The Divorce Journal for Children

This journal is designed to help children express, explore and understand some of the strong emotions that they may be feeling and to help them process the divorce for themselves.

A divorce or separation can be a difficult time for everyone, including your children and other family members. Although you are no longer together, you are still parents and it’s vital that you put aside your differences and focus on raising your children to be happy, confident & resilient, together, despite living apart.




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Avoid Divorce Disasters FREE Download – Infographic on how to avoid divorce disasters and how a successful divorce uses mediation and dispute resolution.
Includes the Free Divorce First Aid resource kit:

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How to talk your kids about Separation

what’s in this book?
This book sets out practical tips and techniques to help you talk to your kids about your separation, from how to approach that difficult first chat where the news is broken to them, to dealing with the aftermath and some of the questions you might face from them.

The book lays out a common sense approach to keeping your kids informed whilst minimising the effects they might experience as time goes on, and lets you in on some easy methods to handle any separation anxiety in your kids. It spells out in plain and simple language how mediation can help you sort out any separation disputes about your kids, and ends with a useful resources section designed to help the conversation flow between you and your kids.