Day 1 – Conversations about Family Mediation

On Day 1,  join in the conversation about family mediation – what it is, how it works, and the benefits for separating families.

Family Mediation: Conversations Worth Having 

Find out what John Taylor, chair of the Family Mediation Council, had to say about the FMC 2019 Survey results  showing that family mediation is a highly successful way of helping separating couples resolve disputes, with mediation successful in over 70% of cases.

Conversations – Day 1

Conversations is a series of podcasts produced for Family Mediation Week, aimed at answering your questions about family mediation and helping you decide whether mediation is right for you. In this episode we speak to Ewan Malcolm and Jane Robey (Family Mediation Council) discuss the benefits to separating families of working with an accredited family mediator.

Listen to “Conversations – Day 1”

Understanding Family Mediation – Ministry of Justice

This short video, produced by the Ministry of Justice explains what family mediation is and its benefits for separating families.

What Does Family Mediation Involve? – Jane Robey

Jane Robey, Chief Executive of National Family Mediation explains what’s involved in the process of family mediation 

When You Separate, Where Do You Start? – John Hind

In this video, John Hind from Compass Resolution explores the options available to separating couples.

Somebody, Please Help! – Philippa Johnson

Philippa Johnson, a member of the Family Mediators Association, shares some top tips for people going through family breakup who need help from somewhere but don’t know where to get it.

Family Mediation: Speak Freely, Listen, Understand and then Problem Solve – David Emmerson

David Emerson, a member of Resolution, explains family mediation and how the process works to achieve positive outcomes for separating families.