Welcome to Family mediation week : 20-24 January 2020

Taking place from 20-24 January 2020, Family Mediation Week aims to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively. This campaign is organised by The Family Mediators Association (FMA) click here to see who they are and how they can help.

During the week, we are publishing resources, information and blogs to . . .

  • Explain family mediation – answer your questions and debunk the myths
  • Help separating couples decide whether mediation is for them
  • Discuss the benefits of family mediation
  • Connect separating couples with mediation professionals 
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Testimonials: The following quotes are from real clients who wanted to let their FMA mediators know what family mediation was like for them.

“Mediation should, I believe, be mandatory for any couple contemplating divorce; very cost-effective I terms of reduction of cost of court proceedings.”

“The no-pressure, informal yet fair and accurate nature of the meetings made them extremely easy and constructive. I was able to talk openly without feeling I was being judged. There was always so much advice and encouragement available. Excellent.”