What issues can be solved through mediation

Mediation can help family members to settle arrangements at any stage of separation or divorce. These can include:

  • Issues around children, such as access and visitation rights
  • Financial matters, such as dividing your assets or organising maintenance payments
  • Property disputes
  • Addressing debt


Testimonials: The following quotes are all from real clients who wanted to let their FMA mediators know what family mediation was like for them.

“I wanted to thank you for all your professional skills and sensitive approach to the proceedings, both of which help to ease my uneasiness and pain surrounding the situation. I found there to be a balance at all times between letting us have our say and express emotional issues, yet prevention from straying too far from relevance and point. All instigated, I feel, by your excellent negotiating skills.

“The no-pressure, informal yet fair and accurate nature of the meetings made them extremely easy and constructive. I was able to talk openly without feeling I was being judged. There was always so much advice and encouragement available. Excellent.”