What is my mediators role

Your mediator’s role is to guide you through the process of settling practical issues with your partner. They will help you and your partner ‘unpick’ your situation, provide information about legal principles, and explain some of the things you should be thinking about when resolving your issues.

The mediator doesn’t ever make any decisions for you; they remain impartial and will never take sides or encourage you to take a specific course of action.

Testimonials: The following quotes are all from real clients who wanted to let their FMA mediators know what family mediation was like for them

“Mediation allows both parties to have some control over their destinies and to be part of the decision making. Going to court means you are giving that power over to the Judge and the outcome may or may NOT be in your favour. Mediation is recommended if you are prepared to compromise and do your homework. I think if you have children then it is particularly helpful as they are always at the heart of one’s motivation for persevering. No child will ever be in favour of their parents battling it out in court.”

“The mediator managed to steer us through the muddy waters and disentangle our financial matters by sticking to a structured programme that focused on the task at hand. I do not think we would have been able to achieve the results we did without mediation.”