Take part

Our vision is for as many Family Mediation services as possible to spread the word out there that Family Mediation should be a separating couples first choice. To do that we need to be clear about what mediation is. We need to be able to tell them; it’s not fluffy; it’s empowering; it’s a place where they can be heard; they can make the decisions; the decisions they make can be formalised; it can be used after a nasty court process. The list goes on.

To be able to bust the myths and inform them how helpful mediation is we need to attract the publics attention. Lets join together and make this easier for the public to find us and to understand how family mediation is the first choice and that going to court should be the last option.

Over the course of the week itself, we will be publishing resources, information and blog posts, engaging in social media activity and issuing news stories to local, regional and national media explaining the benefits of mediation for clients.

Check back soon for the 2021 resources…