Thank yous!

It takes a huge amount of time and energy to organise an event like Family Mediation Week.

New tweets and images have been released on a daily basis to promote mediation over social media in the lead up to the week, during and afterwards. However, these don’t just happen on their own overnight, it takes preparation.  We are lucky now to be able to benefit from the contributions made by many individuals over the number of years we’ve been running the campaign. Special thanks to Anna Vollans, Chair of the Family Mediation Week working group, and working group members Karen Barham, Nevine Bentley, Sophie Doods, Abigail Kirke, Sarah Manning, Carrie Rudge, Anthony Syder and Louisa Whitney.

Thank you too to our sponsor, Our Family Wizard, for all its support.

The Family Mediation Week campaign was built over several years by the Family Mediators Association and the Family Mediation Council would like to acknowledge all the hard work that went in to doing this. Particular thanks must go to Philippa Johnson and Ashley Palmer for all their excellent efforts.

And finally….A big thanks as always to Paul Gadd, Director of Protocol IT Ltd.  This website has been developed and hosted by Protocol IT as their contribution. Please take time to visit their website and find out why they are so passionate about family mediation.