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Our vision is for as many Family Mediation services as possible to spread the word out there that Family Mediation should be a separating couples first choice. To do that we need to be clear about what mediation is. We need to be able to tell them; it’s not fluffy; it’s empowering; it’s a place where they can be heard; they can make the decisions; the decisions they make can be formalised; it can be used after a nasty court process. The list goes on.

To be able to bust the myths and inform them how helpful mediation is we need to attract the publics attention. Lets join together and make this easier for the public to find us and to understand how family mediation is the first choice and that going to court should be the last option.

Over the course of the week itself, we will be publishing resources, information and blog posts, engaging in social media activity and issuing news stories to local, regional and national media explaining the benefits of mediation for clients.

The week will be based around the theme: “Conversations”, with a different angle for each day.

Day 1 – Conversations About Family Mediation

The Family Mediation Council has agreed that it will release the information captured in its 2019 Survey to coincide with Family Mediation Week. This information will provide an excellent platform to start a conversation about family mediation – what it is, how it works, and the benefits for separating families

Day 2 – Conversations About the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

How do we start to have the difficult conversation about separating or divorcing? What do we do?  Where do we go?  What about our children?Day 2 will focus on the opportunities that the Mediation Information and Assessment   Meeting provides for families going through the process of separation and divorce, focusing on it being a first port of call for information about children, divorce and finances, physical, mental and emotional well-being, the availability of Legal Aid, other relevant services and resources as well as getting legal advice.

Day 3 – Conversations About Children

My parents are divorcing; what do I do?  What should we be saying to our children and how do we deal with their questions? Day 3 will focus on children and Child Inclusive Mediation as an opportunity to ensure children have a voice; parents can understand better their child’s wishes and feelings and decisions can be made that put children’s needs first.

Day 4 – Conversations About Money

What are our options for separating our assets and liabilities? Day 4 will focus on finances and how family mediation can help separating families understand what there is to divide and think about what is best for the family.

Day 5 – Conversations About Family Mediation

What do other people say about mediation – can it really work? Day 5 will focus on what participants and other professionals say about family mediation and its benefits for separating families

What you can do during Family Mediation Week:-

  • Share any short articles/blogs that you or others have written that fit in with this years theme
  • Local radio interviews
  • Send a press release to local newspaper and/or radio station
  • Like and follow us on facebook and twitter. If you don’t yet use twitter, download our guide here to get you started
  • Contacting local CAB to run an information event / stand
  • Provide free half hour assessment session
  • Evening workshops
  • Staff library information desk or produce notice boards / banner stands at information points
  • Contact The Family Mediators Association if you have any blogs that you would like to go onto the main Family Mediation Week website.