What’s happening this year?

What will happen during Family Mediation Week 2019?

Over the course of the week itself, FMA will be publishing resources, information and blog posts, engaging in social media activity and issuing news stories to local, regional and national media explaining the benefits of mediation for clients. The week will be based around the theme: “The storm before the calm”, with a different angle on this message for each day.

  • Day 1Caught up in the storm – What to do; where to go? Struggling with too many questions; getting conflicting advice from friends and family; children stuck in the middle – what will happen to them?. *My parents are divorcing; what do I do?
    • Finances – Can’t afford advice (Legal Aid) – Where will everyone live?
    • Wellbeing – Physical, mental and emotional well-being – How to cope?
    • Children – Protecting the children from this, what do they make of it? (CIM)
    • *A child’s perspective
  • Day 2Shelter from the storm – Mediation: what is it and how does it work. Getting free help. Resources – where do I look? Ensuring that you find the right help – what qualifications should my mediator have? *As a child where do I go for help and what can I do if my parents don’t listen to me?
    • Legal Aid – How do I know if I’m eligible – where do I find a legal aid provider?
    • Finances – Who has what?
    • Children – Can they be seen even if I have no money?
    • Resources – websites, apps, books, .gov, solicitors
    • Legal advice – A solicitor or a direct access barrister can help me to know where I stand legally?
    • *A child’s perspective     
  • Day 3The storm will end when the pressure lifts – Focusing on the children. Child inclusive mediation – children have a voice; parents can understand better their child’s wishes and feelings. What are our options for separating the assets and liabilities? This is really stressful but now I have a professional who knows how to help us and we can involve other professionals in the process. *I have been invited to see a mediator; what does that mean?
    • Children – Their thoughts and feelings talked about in a confidential meeting.
    • Finances – Separating the assets and liabilities; understanding what there is to divide and thinking about what is best for the family.
    • Wellbeing – this is something we can do; and with help, we can do it together. Bringing in: therapists, pensions experts, accountants, IFA’s, and lawyers.
    • *A child’s perspective
  • Day 4The clouds are parting – Starting to see a way through; the process is offering structure; there is a clear pathway. The pressure is lifting. *I have told a mediator how I feel about my parents’ separation; I hope my parents listen and I hope that they are both OK. I spoke to the mediator and even though I didn’t want my parents to know what I had said I feel better because I was able to talk about it with someone who really knows what’s happening.
    • Children – feel heard; their parents are making changes.
    • Finances – clarity and an understanding of how the separation will work in reality.
    • Wellbeing – starting to feel human again; can think clearly now.
    • *A child’s perspective
  • Day 5A ray of sunshine; what a relief – everyone now knows what’s happening regarding properties and finances. Everyone has been listened to and their experiences have been acknowledged. Joint decisions have been made. We can see what a parental alliance looks like now. *They listened to how I felt and it really helped; I don’t feel caught in the middle any more; I can leave it to them to deal with.
    • Money – it’s all sorted: you can both move forward.
    • Wellbeing – I feel as though my story has been heard; we now have some respect for our differences and a better understanding of how to look after ourselves. We have worked this out together without being told what to do.
    • Children – we can share responsibility for our children and they can get on with being children and they don’t have to worry about looking after their parents.
    • *A child’s perspective

Every day, videos, blogs/articles, tweets, posts and images will be published for you to add to your own materials and to help you to promote family mediation in and around your area. We know that family mediators from around the country are planning events during Family Mediation Week to market their own service – come on team, join in! If you have established a time slot for radio or television, please let us know by calling  01355 244 594 or emailing the FMA at info@thefma.co.uk, so that we can let other people know that they should be listening!