What’s happening this year?

What will happen during Family Mediation Week 2018?

Over the course of the week itself, FMA will be publishing resources, information and blog posts, engaging in social media activity and issuing news stories to local, regional and national media explaining the benefits of mediation for clients. The week will be based around the theme: “Certainty after chaos”, with a different angle on this message for each day.

  • Day 1 – Somebody, please help – discussing the value of mediation, its benefits and how the public can find a mediator.
  • Day 2 – Take a breath, evaluate and then take a step forward – this is our children-focused day, explaining how mediation can help parents to understand what their children are feeling about the separation and to build a parenting plan.
  • Day 3 – Listen, be listened to and stay in control – the long-term benefits of mediation, learning how to communicate in a different way, providing long-term solutions and understanding that court is not necessarily a place in which you will be listened to.
  • Day 4 – A sense of purpose and making it work for everyone – focused on finances in particular, addressing fears about finance, explaining that mediators can help clients to produce clear practical solutions, which can be turned into binding agreements.
  • Day 5 – Looking back with pride on what has been achieved – resilient families, who focus on the future not the past, giving children freedom to be happy with both parents.

Every day, videos, blogs/articles, tweets, posts and images will be published for you to add to your own materials and to help you to promote family mediation in and around your area. We know that family mediators from around the country are planning events during Family Mediation Week to market their own service – come on team, join in! If you have established a time slot for radio or television, please let us know by calling  01355 244 594 or emailing the FMA at info@thefma.co.uk, so that we can let other people know that they should be listening!