Couples often have a greater sense of empowerment

Written by Alison Tremeer, FMA

When you have completed this journey and mediation has been concluded there is a greater prospect of you being able to look back and value the effort that you both made to find workable solutions that were fair and “child centred”. Couples often have a greater sense of empowerment that comes from keeping control of the important decisions that have to be made for any financial settlement and the arrangements they decide to put in place for their children. Mediation has hopefully helped you both to establish good strategies for how you will co-parent when no longer together and your ability to share information and work together to achieve positive outcomes for your children should have been enhanced by entering the mediation process. You are now able to look forward and having heard each other’s perspective you will be better able to listen and take on board differing views. In this way you are able to compromise and reach agreements that reflect the love and concern that you have for your children. You will also be able to feel proud that you have provided your children with a positive example of how to constructively manage conflict. Your children will benefit from seeing a positive change in that any conflict has been reduced and as parents you are both making decisions that are in their best interest. In this way your children are then free to get on with enjoying their childhood without worrying about you and the grown up issues associated with your separation.

Alison Tremeer. Board member of the FMA

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